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Mantle: Fire Mantle-Faux Green Marble …


Mantle: Fire Mantle-Faux Green Marble Insert, Fluted Pilaster, Dentil Moldings On Overhang Top, Running Rounded Moldings (24"W X 27"H) W/Fake Brick Hearth

Colors: Brown, Rust, Cream, Tan
Materials: Wooddark
Dimensions: 73" x 50" x 11"
SKU: 55010961

Mantle/Fireplace-Cherry Carved …


Mantle/Fireplace-Cherry Carved Wood-W/Fake Brick Heart (Opening 47"W X35"H)

Colors: Cherry, Wood-Medium
Patterns: Carved
Materials: Wooddark
Dimensions: 80"w x 51"h x 19"d
SKU: 56000289

Mantle/Fireplace-White Washed Wood-Green, …


Mantle/Fireplace-White Washed Wood-Green, White Fake Marble Inset Face-With Fake Brick Heart (Opening-35"W X 30 3/4h)

Colors: Wood-Medium, White, Black
Patterns: French, Country
Materials: Oak, Wood-Painted
Dimensions: 62"w x 16"d x 46.5h
SKU: 56002994

Map: Old England Hantshire Map 1141 …


Map: Old England Hantshire Map 1141 Commemorating The War Between Empress Maud (Matilda) & Stephen, Heraldic Crest Borders

Colors: White, Pink, Green, Multi
Patterns: Antique
Materials: Framegold
Dimensions: 21" x 17"
SKU: 54021399