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Photographic Art: Artwork-Black & …


Photographic Art: Artwork-Black & White-"Male Nude Photo Study", Heavily Shadowed, Charcoal Mat, Glass

Colors: Black, White, Grey
Patterns: Male
Materials: Frame-Painted
Dimensions: 11.5" x 13.5"
SKU: 54020881

Photographic Art: Artwork-Green, Grey, …


Photographic Art: Artwork-Green, Grey, Brown, Gold-Photographic Art-Color Photo Of Garden Bower Hampton Court Palace London, Double Fabric Mat Seperated By Ornate Gold Leaf Filet, Celedon Silk Inner Mat, Brown Silk Outer Mat, Heavily Carved Ornate Distressed Gold Leaf Frame,

Colors: Green, Grey, Brown, Gold
Patterns: Garden
Materials: Frame-Gold-Light, Frame-Ornate
Dimensions: 18" x 21"
SKU: 55014408

Photographic Art: Artwork-Photographic …


Photographic Art: Artwork-Photographic Art-"Butterfly"-Sepiaed Brown Tones Monarch Butterfly Lighting On Tree

Colors: Brown, Multi
Patterns: Butterfly
Materials: Framed-Wood
Dimensions: 10.5" x 12.5"
SKU: 54007662

Photographic Art: Black & White, …


Photographic Art: Black & White, Photographic Art, "Cinnamon Sticks" (Missing Glass)

Colors: Black, White
Patterns: Cinnamon, Stick
Materials: Paper, Wood
Dimensions: 19" x 23"
SKU: 56006034